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2018 Make Up Trends

I'll be honest, Instagram has a billion makeup trends a year and I don't pay much attention to any of them. But I pay close attention to advertising campaigns and the work of my favorite artists, now a few months into the year, I'm seeing a definite change in makeup and I like it, no, I actually love it....

1) Fresh Dewy Skin: sheer to med coverage. Skin is in! Bye bye supper matte foundation and heavy contour. I can say trends in 2018 are pointing in a more natural looking direction. Controllable drop foundation is good for creating more natural looking coverage while still covering imperfections. It works for me even with oily skin. Less is more in this case, there is still a lot of contouring going on, but much softer than we've been seeing in recent years.

2) Infinite Highlight:

Some people believe in using highlight sparingly, others love a highlight that can be seen a mile away... Personally, I've seen people over-do it but I am absolutely in love with highlight even as an oily girl. I feel now with dewy glow being in I can finally embrace my skin... I think the key to doing this trend right is layering your highlight properly whether you are combining liquids, liquid with powder, or multiple shades of powders. I like to top my matte bronzer with a bronze highlight, top my blush with a highlight close to the color of the blush (sparingly on this one if you have larger pores) and a light colored warm or cool toned highlight (depending on the colors used on the eyes) in the areas where most highlight is most commonly applied.

3) Blush, Blush, Blush:

Heavy Blush is making a come back if you pay close enough attention... Some of my favorite recent colorful blush looks would be Jordan Liberty's new campaign with Urban Decay. Honestly, even as a makeup artist I can be intimidated by blush, most people either love it or hate it (when they apply it themselves). When I wear the heavier blush look myself, I use the blush as the focal point of my makeup. I choose a blush a bit darker or vibrant than I would normally wear daily. I go easy on the eyes with a just a bit of eye definition, mascara and possibly lashes. Then I choose a lip color or tint that is similar or the same as the blush.

4) Feathered Brows:

Feels a bit like the 80's are coming back... I'm not even going to front, I wasn't even alive then... But I don't need to have lived through the 80's to see that big brows have been making a comeback. Not just big brows though, because the trend of having large insta block brows seems to be heading towards the door. Brows are looking more natural yet still defined, I'm seeing a lot super bold feathered brows in high fashion and generally brows lightly feathered and filled in with finer precision than recent years.

5) Moist Lips:

I'm probably not the only one tired of liquid matte lipstick giving me dry ass lips. It was definitely popular in recent years, everyone had to have their favorite liquid lippie. But let's be honest, a lot of formulas left peoples lips looking wrinkly (especially those not plumped with fillers). I will say Cream matte seems to be still widely used and tends to be less drying. While matte liquid lip reigned lip gloss was often seen as inconvenient, sticky, neglected by many. But gloss is back baby in holographic, metallic, glitter, and classic finishes. Some of the most beautiful lips are created with a good liner and a great gloss.

6) Purple

Again Love it or Hate it, Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year... Purple is a spiritual color associated with the crown chakra so you know I'm into it. I write my blog honestly so I'll tell you I've yet to experiment with the exact Ultra Violet shade. But I've been adding iridescent white shadows with purple fleck on clients or adding pops of purple into a look (usually shimmer). As the year progresses I may experiment with a monotone ultra violet look. Purple being the color of the year is a bit conflicting with the more natural direction making has been taking, but looking closely it is still making many subtle appearances. Enlighten us Ultra Violet, push us to be more daring yet remain soft....

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